Park Rules

1. Period of licence from 1st March to the 14th January (weather permitting), for holiday purposes only. 2021 - Open all year round. 

2. Pitch fees are subject to annual review and include winter storage.  Rates, water and electricity are charged separately.

3. Pitch fees shall be paid in two parts, the first is due on or before the 31st October each year and second part is due on or before 30th April.  There is now the option to pay in full in October. No pitch fees or part thereof are refundable.

4. No caravan on the site shall be lived in, occupied or otherwise used between 15th January and 1st March each year.

5. No unaccompanied young people are to use caravans.  The definition of young to be at the discretion of the caravan park owner.  No all male or all female groups allowed.

6. There must be no subletting of caravans, friends and family accepted.

7. The licence holder must keep the caravan in a good state of repair, and must keep the ground on which it stands and that immediately surrounding it, neat and tidy.

8. All caravans must have a fire extinguisher in working order and fire blanket.  Fire hoses are for emergency use only.

9. Residents are responsible for the cutting of grass immediately surrounding their caravan. Paving stones and flags to be laid flush with surrounding grass.

10. No exterior construction, including verandas, porches, sheds etc is to be erected without permission. No wooden sheds allowed, only aluminium.  For reasons of safety, tidiness and security do not store items underneath or between caravans.

11. No tents to be erected on the site. This does not include children’s play houses etc but these must be taken down at the end of each day to prevent damage to the grass and not used overnight.  Trampolines must be dismantled when not in use.

12. Refuse must be put into plastic bags and then into wheelie bins provided at the Park.  Do not put organic garden refuse in the wheelie bins or the bulky materials from DIY projects. (These can be taken to Flusco Tip) Please note: Recycling facilities are available at Park Foot (opposite reception) and at Pooley Bridge (in the car park).

13. Air rifles, guns and fireworks are strictly prohibited on this park.

14. Drivers must hold a full driving licence. Cars may be parked beside caravans. A speed limit of 10mph must be observed at all times.  This applies to all forms of motorised transport and to bicycles.

15. All site users must behave and conduct themselves with thought and consideration for others on the site.  Noise of any kind, including music, should be kept at a discreet level and music after 11pm should only be played and audible inside the caravan concerned.

16. The licensee is responsible for the behaviour of any visitors to their caravan.

17. No caravan shall remain on the pitch if it is over 15 years old.  Caravans must be painted in Lakes Colours.

18. If you wish to sell your caravan we must be offered first refusal. Caravans being removed from the Park will incur a  £300 plus V.A.T. disconnection fee.

19. Caravans can only be sold on site with the permission of the site owner if they are 7yrs or under in age.   Sales of caravans 7 years and under must include a payment of commission @ 15% (+ 20% vat) of the sale price.  No sale must be completed until the site owner has approved the prospective buyer.  New owners will not be allowed to use the caravan until the commission charge has been received by the site owner from the seller and a new licence signed and returned.

20. Any notice to the licensee shall be deemed to be properly served if sent to their last known address.  It is the licensee’s responsibility to inform the site owner of any change of address or email address.

21. The company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or theft to or from any caravan or vehicle or for any injury whatsoever to any person staying at or visiting the park, howsoever caused or sustained.

22. Stop taps should be turned off by the caravan user at the end of each visit.  At the end of the season the system should be thoroughly drained.  A wintering service is available on request.

23. All caravans are to be insured. Information regarding this is available from Park Foot. We use Thistle who specialise in holiday caravan parks. All valuables to be taken home during the closed season.

24. No cutting of trees or branches, strictly no fires.

25. To avoid grass damage, BBQ’s must be off the ground and only in a properly constructed unit.

26. Caravan flues to be checked annually by a Gas Care registered plumber.

27. In the interest of sanitation, sanitary towels, disposable nappies, face wipes and nappy wipes must not be disposed of by use of the toilet.  The cost of clearing any blockages arising from this cause will be claimed from the person/persons responsible.

28. Dogs are permitted provided they are kept on a short lead, do not cause a nuisance, are not left unattended inside or outside your caravan and they must not be allowed to soil the ground within the boundaries of the park.

29. Gas is to be paid for when ordered or exchanging. (Delivery if required is charged for).

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